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Webinar - Stop the Scope Creep! Using Change Management to keep the Monsters at Bay

Presented by Kim Essendrup and Kate Anderson


Controlling project scope is one of the most important things we can do as project managers, but nearly all of us are guilty of letting it slip at one time or another. Don’t let Scope Creep sneak up on you! In this presentation, Kim and Kate, co-hosts of the Project Management Happy Hour podcast bring this fun and slightly salty presentation to PMI Phoenix, sharing some tough-learned lessons, practical tips and maybe a couple horror stories about scope creep.

Webinar - Conversational Intelligence for Project Managers

Presented by Kevin Ciccotti, CPCC, PCC


Did you know that in general, nine out of ten conversations miss the mark? Why is that? And more importantly, what can be done to improve our ability to communicate more effectively?
Everything in our world happens through conversation. Business is done, trust is established, relationships are built, and progress is made through the art of conversation. And the truth is, we’re failing in our communication. We simply haven’t been trained in the intricacies of how to engage in productive, meaningful, trust-building conversations.
But through the work of Judith Glaser, Ph.D., over the last three decades, we now have a better understanding of the complexities and impact of our conversations, and more importantly we now have a roadmap of skills and competencies that we can develop that will ensure our conversations hit the mark.
Participants will learn how conversations are constructed and deconstructed in our minds, the emotional and psychological impact of words, and how to create a deeper level of trust while reducing stress, anxiety, and conflict. These are tools that every Project Manager, and every leader, needs to develop.

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