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Member Ambassador

Chapter Team


Chapter Sub-Team

Member Services

Job Description  


The Membership Team is responsible for providing the strategy to define and deliver value and consistent high-quality membership experience for all chapter members. The Membership Services Team is responsible for attracting, engaging, and retaining new and renewing chapter members. They provide support and outreach for our members through the Ambassador Program and career support through the Career Resources Program.

The goal of the Membership Ambassador Program is to help assimilate new members into the organization and ensure that each new member receives the most value possible from their PMI Phoenix Chapter membership. The ultimate goal of the ambassador program is to ensure that members continue their membership in PMI Phoenix and help build the organization by bringing in new members.

The Membership Ambassador is a representative at the chapter level that serves as a liaison between members and the chapter. The ambassador strives to strengthen the connection with new members and first-year members to create welcoming environments and orient this membership segment. A Membership Ambassador is someone who strives to help others feel comfortable, enjoys sharing and gaining knowledge, and understands and embraces the value of belonging.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Membership Ambassador team members helps foster and build chapter spirit and community through one or more of the following roles as interest and as schedule permits:

  • Contacts all new chapter members/ and renewing chapter members to welcome them to chapter and personally invite them to monthly new member orientation and/or other chapter events
  • Attends or facilitates monthly new member orientation meetings and/or evening chapter meetings to help welcome arriving new members, current members, and guests
  • Acts a point of contact for member and non-member questions about the chapter and its member services, programs and services, and benefits
  • Coordinates connections with other members, volunteers, and leaders to create networking opportunities
  • Attends chapter or other networking events and collects any prospective new, past chapter member leads, or under-engaged members to team leaders to ensure a follow up is scheduled.

Attends monthly team production meeting

Sends monthly status reports to Director of Member Services



  • Able to work independently
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Strong customer service skills and volunteer service focus
  • Able to attend some evening chapter meetings to welcome new members
  • Attend virtual monthly team status calls
  • Please Note: All Volunteers must be current chapter members in “good standing” as defined by chapter


 Great customer service, monthly status report


 PDUs earned as per CCR guidelines. (PMI CCRS)

Time Commitment

 2-3 hours per week


Director of Volunteer Services


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