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Management of a workshop throughout its lifecycle is a collaborative effort between the provider and the chapter. This document describes the responsibilities and deliverables of both <<INSERT PROVIDER NAME HERE>> hereafter referred to as “the provider” and PMI Phoenix Chapter hereafter referred to as “the chapter”.


This Provider Agreement Document:

  • Applies to each workshop presented in 2016
  • Expires on December 31, 2016
  • Any workshops to be held in 2017 shall require a renewed signed and approved Vendor Agreement regardless of when they are presented to the PMI Phoenix Chapter for consideration


    • Attendee: A PMI Phoenix Chapter member who has registered and is present at a workshop.
    • Chapter: The Project Management Institute (PMI) Phoenix Chapter members including the Board
    • Chapter Meeting: A meeting hosted by the Board or its delegates in which chapter business is conducted in addition to a Workshop
    • Provider: The vendor, supplier, company, or individual delivering one or more workshops to Chapter members
    • Registrant: Any person from whom payment has been received by the PMI Phoenix Chapter
    • Workshop: A means used to deliver PDU-qualified information to chapter members. For the purpose of this SOW, workshop is synonymous with class, seminar, presentation, webinar, or any other method of delivering information that can be redeemed for Professional Development Units (PDUs)



WORKSHOP REVENUE SHARING: The provider shall pay the chapter a flat fee of $500.00 for each workshop. The fee shall cover the services provided in this Provider Agreement Document. The fee shall

  • Be paid in full to PMI Phoenix Chapter prior to any work being delivered to the provider for a workshop.
  • Be mailed to:
  1. o PMI Phoenix Chapter, PO Box 26226 Scottsdale Arizona 85255

-          OR  -

  • Be paid via (transaction type, insert link)
  1. oMust be received prior to the class will be published
  • Cover all services, as described in this document
  • Not be refunded if the provider cancels the workshop for any reason


    • All workshop costs, fees and expenses incurred during the workshop lifecycle, including those related to cancelations, shall be paid by the provider. This includes but is not limited to transaction fees, rental fees and the like.
    • The provider shall reimburse the chapter for any workshop-related expenses paid by the Chapter on behalf of the Provider


    • All facilities and equipment needed to deliver a workshop are the responsibility of the provider
    • A service fee of $250 shall be charged to the provider should chapter members be used to find, reserve or provide facilities and/or equipment.
      • Requests for chapter assistance shall be coordinated with a designated Vendor Relations Manager, the AVP or VP of Professional Development via email (Insert links and email addresses). Should the arrangements be made verbally, a follow-up in writing (email is acceptable) must be sent by the provider outlining the terms of the agreement.



    • The decision to cancel a workshop and all related communications surrounding the cancellation thereof workshop is the responsibility of the provider.
    • The cancelation shall be communicated by email to the Chapter as soon as the decision is made as well as to each student that has registered
    • All costs, fees, expenses, and refunds related to cancelation shall be paid by the provider
    • Cancelation, and cancelation management, of facilities and equipment shall be the responsibility of the provider
    • Registrants and Attendee Notification: The provider and the chapter shall work together to notify registrants and attendees of the cancelation

WORKSHOP MARKETING: The chapter shall support the marketing efforts of the provider as follows

    • NOTES:
      • The chapter makes no guarantees as to the number of participants that will register or attend the provider’s workshop(s)
      • The chapter assumes that the provider will conduct its own marketing efforts to register attendees.
    • The chapter shall advertise the provider’s workshop information as follows:
      • Workshop announcement content shall be as described in the Workshop Calendar Posting Form and will be posted on the Chapter calendar within 14 days
      • Notifications of upcoming classes will be contained in Bulletin distributions at weeks -8, -6, -4 and -2 prior to the class start date.
      • Access to class registration will be available 8 weeks (2 months) prior to the date of the class
      • A fee of $350 shall be deducted from the workshop provider’s invoice for any requested email blasts (i.e. communication via email outside of the routine Bulletin distribution). *Any such email or similar communication must have prior approval of the Chapter President and the content will be provided by the Provider
      • Announcements: The chapter shall distribute announcements at the following meetings on meeting dates closest to the workshop:
      • Monthly Dinner Meeting (South Location) – Slide/ Mention (Slide submitted by Provider)
      • Monthly Dinner Meeting (North Location) - Slide Mention (Slide submitted by Provider)
      • Flyer at Monthly Dinner Meetings Resource Table *Flyer supplied by Provider
      • Monthly Breakfast Meeting (Various Locations) - Mention at Meeting or Slide
      • Note: Slides supplied by Provider may be edited as necessary by the Chapter


The following shall be delivered by the provider to the chapter during the workshop lifecycle:

    • Workshop Calendar Posting Form
    • Logo: size jpeg and 775x250 or 265x51
    • Email address to which the registration rosters will be sent
    • Registration List, to include Provider’s
      • Contact Name
      • Contact PMI Phoenix Chapter member status (Member or Non-Member)
      • Contact Email
      • Contact Telephone Number
      • Contact Source (Provider registered, or Chapter registered), REP
      • Fee Paid (e.g. $500)
    • Attendee List, to include
      • Attendee Name
      • Attendee Email
      • Attendee Source (e.g. Provider registered or Chapter registered)
      • Attendee PMI Phoenix Chapter member status
    • Completed Workshop Surveys (when utilized)
    • All workshop-related invoices accrued during the workshop lifecycle
    • Payments due the chapter

The following shall be delivered by the Chapter to/for the provider during the workshop lifecycle:

    • Marketing Deliverables from the chapter on behalf of the provider; see details above
      • Postings: (e.g. Slide, Website Banner, distribution of Provider-supplied flyers if applicable, etc.)
      • Bulletin posting using content provided by the Provider
    • All workshop-related invoices accrued during the workshop lifecycle
    • Payments due the provider
    • Registration Roster
      • Notification of registrations will be sent to the Provider each time a person registers for the class
      • A compilation of all registrants (i.e. Registration Roster) shall be sent to the provider at both 2 and 1 week(s) and 2 business days prior to the class
      • Requests for a change to this cadence can be made by the Provider working with their Vendor Relations Manager.



PMI Phoenix Chapter

PO Box 26226

Scottsdale, AZ 85255

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

VP Professional Development or Delegate

PMI Phoenix Chapter








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