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 Meeting Faciliator-Phoenix Evening Chapter Meeting for Satellite Locations

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 Evening PDMs

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The PMI Phoenix Chapter Programs Team supports the directives and goals of the chapter by enabling its members with educational as well as professional networking opportunities. Through its programs, the attendees obtain PDUs. Programs are typically facilitated by volunteers, who manage to the criteria of Global with formal meeting agendas,attendance for audit purposes and handouts with instructions on how to obtain the PDUs. 
Some standard programs are
Evening Meetings and Breakfast Meetings. The Team also are the planners and hosts of miscellaneous functions such as the Awards Banquet, Golf Tournament, Networking events, Executive Networking Forums, and the Symposium (when agreed upon by the Board). The Programs Team is a revenue producing body with most functions intended to at least break even. The team reports to the VP Programs who works directly for the President.

Roles and Responsibilities: 

The Satellite Meeting Facilitator facilitates all satellite (remote) locations that join into the South Valley evening chapter meeting. This role helps assure that remote members receive excellent value for attending a chapter evening meeting via live webcast.

The Satellite Meeting Facilitator often requires spur-of-the-moment decisions during a meeting to resolve new issues or questions. It requires the ability to quickly gather facts and make sound decisions for the good of the meeting and its attendees. This role escalates to the PDM Director or other manager of Programs, for support.

This position is also responsible for batch claiming of PDU's  (Professional Development Units) following the chapter evening meetings.  This involves reconciling a list of all attendees, both in-person and remote, verifying that the PMI ID is present, and then loading the attendee list up to the pmi.org website in order to automatically credit all participants with PMI credentials with PDU's.


NOTE:  This position can be done remotely but recommendation would be to attend at least one evening meeting in person to become familiar with the process.


Duties will include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Set up a GoTo Meeting with the chapter account
  • Mail the GoTo Meeting information to a key contact at each satellite location
  • Insure that the meeting starts and completes on-time and follows agenda
  • Be familiar with presentation deck materials
  • Start the GoTo Meeting at the appropriate time (10 minutes before actual meeting start to allow time for dial ins)
  • Monitor via on-line meeting chat for any questions or concerns that arise
  • Relay questions at appropriate time to speaker
  • Advise the VP Programs or PDM Director of set-up issues that arise, and recommend solutions.
  • Following the meeting, collect all attendee lists, reconcile to actual members who have attended, ensure PMI ID is listed and then batch load file up to pmi.org website


  • Good people skills
  • Good communication skills for interacting with speakers and venues
  • Organizational skills for leading and directing events
  • Decision making skills
  • Flexibility to enable ease in reaction to whatever situations present themselves
  • Strong teamwork





Up to 5 PDUs/year

(12 months service – 5 PDUs, 6+ months service – 3 PDUs, 3+ months service – 1 PDU)

Time Commitment

 6 hours once a week per month, including PDU attendance


 VP Programs


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