Membership - Director Member Recognition

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Job Title

Director Member Recognition

Chapter Team


Chapter Sub-Team

Member Services

Reports To

AVP of Member Services

Time Commitment

3-4 hours per week

Job Description

The Membership Team is responsible for providing the strategy to define and deliver value and consistent high-quality membership experience for all chapter members. The Membership Services Team is responsible for attracting, engaging, and retaining new and renewing chapter members. 

The Director of Member Recognition will be responsible for overseeing the Monthly Membership Milestone Awards process to ensure that we maintain quality, responsiveness, and integrity of our operations and databases.  This position reports to the AVP Membership Serices.


  • Represent the Membership Recognition Team in Chapter meetings by communicating, supporting and promoting the activities of team to rest of the Chapter.
  • Provide and/or present executive reports, as needed by the Chapter, to allow the Chapter to asses the current volunteer activity level, future volunteer needs, priorities of open positions, performance of volunteers and the overall performance of Membership Recognition Team.
  • Work with the VP and AVP of Membership to ensure Membership Recognition activities are in alignment with the overall charter and goals of the PMI Phoenix Chapter as well as fulfilling the three R’s of Membership Team:  Recruitment, Retention & Re-Engagement
  • Participate in Membership Team Meetings and engage in activities related to the 3 R’s
  • Take on a champion role in Process Improvements regarding Membership Recognition (identifying gaps, recommending changes, and following through with solutions).
  • Document experiences and findings in Lessons Learned
  • Serve as Point-Of-Contact for assistance in all matters (technical, procedural, ethical, etc.) within the Membership Recognition
  • Ensure that Membership milestone awards such as Digital certificates (general or personalized), Digital badges, Milestone Mission Patch, and Physical paper certificates (general or personalized) are being issued to members on monthly basis based on milestone report created for that month
  • Serve as critical reviewer and auditor for Member Recognition database (Excel List) to ensure integrity and accuracy of data
  • Perform research and provide input for annual budget requirements of Member Recognition awards and activities


  • Excellent management, negotiation, conflict resolution, and research skills
  • An ability to engage, encourage, and empower Chapter members
  • An understanding of motivation, recognition, rewards, retention, and recruitment
  • Ability to prioritize and create focus to create and communicate membership value to best serve the needs of the Chapter
  • Preferred Skills:  Enthusiasm, motivation, drive and a strong sense of responsibility
  • Please Note: All Volunteers must be current chapter members in “good standing” as defined by chapter by-laws.


PDUs earned as per CCR guidelines. (PMI CCRS)

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