Volunteer Recognition Program

The goals of the PMI Phoenix Chapter service awards are:

  • To formally recognize individual member contributions to the chapter.
  • To encourage volunteer contribution through recognition and incentives.
  • To visibly reinforce outstanding volunteer efforts as the basis for PMI Phoenix Chapter success.
  • To encourage new and existing volunteers to strive for performance excellence, thus allowing the PMI Phoenix Chapter to improve its value to the PMI membership and community.

Volunteer of the Month

Each month, the PMI Phoenix Chapter Board of Directors selects one “Volunteer of the Month”, and the recipient is recognized and announced at the Evening Chapter Meetings.

The “Volunteer of the Month” receives:

  • $10.00 Gift Card
  • A VOTM Certificate of Appreciation
  • With approval, recognition on the chapter website throughout the month
  • With approval, recognition in the Newsletter
  • Upon request, Employer Volunteer Commendation Letter
  • Upon request, LinkedIn recommendation

PMI President's Circle Award

All PMI Phoenix Chapter members are eligible to nominate a PMI Phoenix Chapter volunteer who has provided “exceptional leadership service” to the Chapter over a minimum period of 3 consecutive months. The nominee’s volunteer leadership efforts have resulted in significant positive impact to the growth of the PMI Phoenix Chapter. The winner is selected solely at the discretion of the current PMI Phoenix Chapter President and is awarded 1 to 2 times per year at evening PDM chapter meetings.


Cynthia Parris - Volunteer Award Winner for December 2018

Cynthia has been a PMI and PMI Phoenix Chapter member since 2011. She became a volunteer in August 2018. Being a volunteer was on Cynthia’s list of things to do, but she never found the time. She finally decided “there will never be a “good” time – just do it”! 

Cynthia is involved with Future City, a US project-based Engineering competition organization where 6th, 7th, and 8th graders imagine, research, design, and build cities to meet our societal challenges. 

Cynthia’s words say it all for what she finds rewarding: “Seeing the students struggle with the same project management challenges as professionals and providing options to help build their knowledge and experience. The students have additionally helped us see our profession with a different lens. My new favorite goal to add to my project charters – to quote one team – ‘We will manage our project with GRIT’”.

Her recommendation to those thinking about volunteering are “Just do it. There will never be a slow time in your life where you can volunteer. With every experience we learn new skills and become better project managers”. 

Cynthia lives in Peoria with her husband, two sons who are out on their own and two Golden Retrievers. She loves to garden and, in summer months, does genealogy research.

Angela Codding - Volunteer Award Winner for November 2018

Angela has been a member of the PMI Phoenix Chapter for two plus years. She became a volunteer in late 2017 and actively contributing since March 2018. 

Angela volunteered to be an events photographer. She was quickly recruited to help the new Marketing VP, Nicole Langston, as the AVP of Marketing. Angela works closely with Nicole on strategy, implementation of an improved social media presence, photography requirements, budget planning and many other marketing-centric activities for the chapter.  

Angela feels she has had the opportunity to learn so much, very quickly and has met so many great members and volunteers. For her, “volunteering provides so many learning opportunities and added experience managing projects and tasks aimed at the success of the Chapter and personal growth”. 

Angela has been married for 24 years. She has two Yorkshire Terriers, her “fur babies”. Her interests are photography, true crime podcasts and constantly learning and challenging herself.

Paul Martin - Volunteer Award Winner for October 2018

Paul has been a member of the PMI Phoenix Chapter and a volunteer for two years. He has been a volunteer in the Military Outreach program, building it from the ground up. This has involved building relationships with military agencies and outside organizations, exploring new opportunities to provide military and veteran organizations career transition services, and finding new ways to provide service members an exciting and rewarding career in Project Management. 

Most rewarding to Paul has been meeting service members and seeing the “light bulb burn bright when they realize what is possible and how they can be successful in a life after the military”. 

For new members or those considering volunteer work, Paul’s feeling is that “there is nothing more rewarding that knowing you have made a dramatic impact on a veteran’s future”. He is looking for volunteers that want to make a huge impact on just one service member’s life.

Paul is still serving in the military after 18 years: USAF Active, Guard and now Reserve. He has an amazing and supportive wife and three children, ages 8, 7, and 5.  Paul has a Master’s degree in Project Management from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. He may soon be looking for new ventures.

Lynda Stanton - Volunteer Award Winner for September 2018

Lynda joined the PMI Phoenix Chapter in 2017. She has been a volunteer for over five years, volunteering in the Phoenix Chapter elections and compiling Phoenix Chapter survey results. 

She became a volunteer to keep learning and to meet new people. What she has found most rewarding is getting to work through creative solutions that she may or may not see in her day-to-day work.  This creates skillsets and connections that may lead her to her next opportunity while making her better in her current role. 

Her advice to someone considering a volunteer role is “just go for it. You can always learn new skills and increase your experience.” 

Lynda lives with her husband, three dogs and one cat in South Scottsdale.  She is a volunteer mentor and member of the young professionals association at the AZ Animal Welfare League.  She loves all things animals and wants to pet all the dogs!

Rodney Jerger - Volunteer Award Winner for August 2018 

Rodney has been a member of PMI since December 2011 and has been a volunteer since 2013. Rodney relocated from the Denver Mile High Chapter so that he could be closer to his kids and grandchildren. His inspiration for becoming a volunteer stemmed from his mentors’ encouragement to give back to the community and be involved in the Project Management profession. 

Rodney has contributed to the Phoenix PMI doing audio-visual, slide deck and PowerPoint compositions within the Programs team. What he has found rewarding by working in this role is using new technology for remote locations so that the attendees get a live experience with evening Chapter meetings. 

Rodney recommends that PMI members get involved to meet other PMI members and to stay current on emerging Project Management developments.

Abhijit Ganguly - Volunteer Award Winner for June 2018

Abhijit joined the Phoenix PMI Chapter in January of 2017 in the role of Manager, Membership. This role is key to the chapter as he is the “first step” in the process for bringing on a new volunteer. He receives the volunteer application and interacts with the prospect volunteer to route them to the correct teams and to support any questions they have.

Abhijit has found the recognition and opportunity to talk and interact with fellow PMs most rewarding. He has been part of the membership and onboarding process overhauling initiatives. As part of the membership team, the team strives to provide a positive onboarding experience to every new volunteer. He has learned a lot by interacting with fellow PMPs during the chapter meetings.

Abhijit’s feedback to new members is that the PMI Phoenix Chapter provides an excellent opportunity to network with PMs and recruiters across the valley. As a volunteer, one gets various benefits like free leadership sessions, PDUs etc. Being involved is a great way to contribute back to the PMI and PM community.

On a personal note, Abhijit will celebrate his 20th marriage anniversary in November 2018. He has a teenage son who is preparing for the Air Force Academy application this year. On the weekends, he hikes around the Phoenix valley and recently hiked Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs, CO. He also enjoys photography and bike riding. He hopes, someday, to own a Harley and ride to Alaska.


2018 Volunteer of the Month recipients:

  • December - Cynthia Parris, Director of Future City - External Relations Team
  • November - Angela Codding, AVP Marketing - Marketing Team
  • October - Paul Martin, AVP Military Outreach - Military Outreach Team
  • September - Lynda Stanton, Director of Elections - Operations Team
  • August - Rodney Jerger, Manager of Evening Meetings Program Presentation - Programs Team
  • July - Jean Alberte, Manager of Evening Meetings Registration - Programs Team
  • June - Abhijit Ganguly, Manager of Volunteer Membership - Membership Team
  • May - Chris Garland, Co-Director of Scottsdale Breakfast PDM - Programs Team
  • April - Nelson J Irizarry, Director of Networking - Programs Team
  • March - Gary McDermott, Manager of Publications - Marketing Team
  • February - Karina Jones, AVP Business Intelligence - Operations Team
  • January - Andy Aiyer, AVP Finance - Finance Team

2017 Volunteer of the Month recipients:

  • December - Teresa Franco, Director Volunteer Recognition - Membership Team
  • November - Ken Roundtree, Manager Credential Study Group - Professional Development Team
  • October - Trevor Stasik, Manager Membership Ambassador - Membership Team
  • September - Ramon Diaz, Director Evening Remote Meetings - Programs Team
  • August - Shane Cretacci, Manager Social Media - Marketing Team
  • July - Sean Daly, Director Networking - Programs Team
  • June - Wes Giron, Director Elections - Operations Team
  • May - John Robertson, Manager PMP Exam Study Group - Professional Development Team
  • April - Brian Law, Manager Member Ambassador - Membership Team
  • March - Cerila Gaillard, Manager Member Ambassador - Membership Team
  • February - Deborah Caltagirone, Director Professional Development - Professional Development Team
  • January - Katie Ruzicka, Manager Volunteer Management - Membership Team

2016 Volunteer of the Month recipients:

  • November - Ted Simpson, Manager Chapter Voicemail - Operations Team
  • October - Arlene Chemello, Financial Liaison - Finance Team
  • September - Co-Winners: Chantie Feinman, Co-Director Social Media, and Nicole Langston, Co-Director Social Media - Communications Team
  • August - Tom Stinson, Webmaster - Communications Team
  • July - Brian Zeltins, Director Volunteer Management - Membership Team
  • June - Marcia Solochek, AVP Evening Chapter Meetings
  • May - Simona Budurlean, AVP Volunteer Services - Membership Team
  • April - Nikki Stein, Director Speaker Selection - Professional Development Team
  • March - Sierra Rose, Director Core Infrastructure - Communications Team
  • February - Rick Sowers, Director Evening Chapter Meetings (North) - Programs Team
  • January - Joe Joyce, Networking Manager - Programs Team


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